miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

First, presentation

Hi! By reading this you're already making me happy. I'm a teenage girl (14) who is kind of a weirdo and live in England, just to clarify, I'm not english so sometimes my spelling will be wrong (but that isn't of much interest to you because you'll probably never come back to this blog and might haven't read up to this point).
I'm not the ordinary teen girl, and most of the time I feel/am kind of a loner which is why I created this blog, to get the word out and to have someone reading it (you don't have to care or anything). The reasons I'm not the ordinary girl are mostly that I don't really get some things of people my age (I honestly believe I wasn't born in the right time) and like things that are weird or not 'cool' enough.
Okay this is the point where most people would stop reading and go somewhere else on the wonderful word the Internet is. If you're still reading I congratulate you for sticking with me for a while and thank you.
I will be posting things related to me and my feelings, which are more than welcome to comment on, and some things that may don't have much to do with me but I think they're worth sharing or I just find amusing. I can't promise I'll post something every single day but I'll try to, although most of the time I will due to me having nearly (I got some) no social life.
More things about me, not really amusing, I'm 14 I recently moved from Spain to England and I basically think that society of my age isn't right and that me and a handful of other weirdos are just born at a wrong time. I'm usually (or I used to be) a really sociable and positive person until I started secondary school and realised that I wasn't like my everyone else. I now think that my life sucks (although I know that other people have worse problems than me, don't think I'm disrespectful to other people's feelings) and that I should just hope that sometime I will have the chance to have a really deep relationship with a friend that is just like me.
Ok, enough of the talk, I just want you to know that if you have any sentimental/moral problems I don't mind you to ask me and I promise to answer all of you (if someone actually does it and doesn't give a shit of me and my blog and my opinion).
Hope seeing you soon if you actually read this and care which would be AWESOME!
Kisses for those of you who did

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