miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

Skating and other things I like

Hi again! Today is an important day for me because I finally created this blog so I will be writing on it a lot today compared to other days.
Now for an introduction to my favourite things. I love skiing and playing tennis, but what I'm really obsessed with is skateboarding, I love it. Problem is that my parents don't let me skate, or anything related to it. I've been saving money for two years to buy a Penny Skateboard (the one below) and I finally got the money to buy it and was planning to buy it until my parents caught me.
I'm also into skating clothing and shoes (specially shoes) without not being girly about it. But I just have a pair of Converse after a huge deal of convincing and a hoodie. I can understand that it might look like I'm a spoilt kid complaining about his parents. But you have to understand that I want to skate and that I can only do it once a while and can't practice anything which is what I really want to do, the only thing I really want.
Ok, enough skateboard pep talk (although it won't be the only time I'll talk about it). Let's talk music, my favourite band is The Script, my favourite artists are (I don't have only one) Macklemore and Avicii and my all time favourite song is 'Wake me up' by Avicii (of course). Please share your musical likings on the comments and like I've already said and will say more times. If you feel that you are a bit like me and want some help, opinion or support just ask me at johannavgg@gmail.com or leave a comment about it, I will eventually answer it.
And that was it for now, I hope you enjoyed it and that you'll come back.

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